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Brittany and Tommy.png
Tommy the Kitten
Yes, it sometimes takes a while to meet the perfect pet. But it can happen with perseverance and the right adoption agency, Brittany learned.
Cera and Chase_bw.png
Chase the Champion
Meet the famous flyer behind the Stephen Huneck-designed logo, Chase the Black Lab. And hear why Chase Away K9 Cancer is such an important cause.
Merlin the Greyhound
What's it like to have a non-greyhound greyhound? Meet Merlin and find out! (And yes, that's a real, live guinea pig buddy next to him...)
Jacki and Shilo_square.png
Shilo the Foster-Fail
Jacki is a great events coordinator and foster mom for Passion 4 Paws. And the occasional foster-failure mom, which is how Shilo joined her pack!
Inga the Rescue
J.C. first heard about Inga while watching YouTube one night. And his ended up being the forever home she's been waiting for!
Quincy the Bostie
Everything is different when you're a "Big Dog" person with a 19 pound dog. But in an unexpectedly fun way, as Kristel explains.
Katie for podcast.png
Katie Greyhound
It's February and we're thinking about heart dogs...specifically our heart dog, Miss Katie Greyhound.
Izzy the Cavalier
This puppy mill survivor is finally (after a long hard health battle) living the good life!