…and then there were two

Updated: Aug 22

Dylan hugged me yesterday. That might not seem like a big deal — greyhounds are notoriously affectionate (ever hear of “the Greyhound Lean”) with people they like. But that was the one way Dylan was not your typical greyhound. Bad teeth: Check. Gassy: Check. Lazy: Check. Incredibly sweet: Check. Insanely fast: Check. Overly dramatic: Check. Affectionate to his people: Not so much. He loved people. He liked us. Ahem.

So when he wrapped his lean neck around mine, I knew there was meaning behind it. I had hoped he was being overly dramatic, but I feared he was not.

We adopted Dylan nearly 5 years ago, after taking a “break” from greyhounds due to their nasty habit of developing osteosarcoma. Truly, this remains the one thing wrong with these majestic dogs: Bone cancer is the #1 cause of death for retired racers, and we had already dealt with it twice in a row. Ellie, our canine cancer rock star, died in 2010 and Dingo, who didn’t quite make it a year past diagnosis, died in 2012.