Congratulations to Jackie Allen!

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos to our Quarantine Contest! We loved each and every one of them, truly, and it was not easy to pick a winner. Some of your photos made us literally LOL. Some of your photos were so utterly sweet that I nearly started to cry. (Full disclosure: I cry easily. Just ask...well, anyone who knows me personally. Ahem.)

In the end, we went with the photo that reminded me most of Katie Greyhound. Because, well, Katie was the inspiration behind Houndstooth, so it made sense to honor her memory yet again.

Katie loved to help herself to anything anyone was having. Anything. Anyone. Shortly after I adopted her, we took a casual stroll down Church Street. A friendly stranger said, "Oh! A greyhound!" and asked if he could pet her. Before I had the chance to respond, she jumped up on him and took a sip of his coffee. I was mortified and offered to buy him a new drink. He laughed and politely declined. Phew, crisis averted!

I'm honestly not sure if Katie would have gone for the coffee first, or the scone. I am pretty sure, though, that she would have consumed them both before I even had a chance to snap a pic of her thievery! So, kudos to Jackie for being a bit quicker on the take.

Stay tuned for the next contest, the next virtual event, and more. We've got a LOT planned for you. Until then, we love meeting your "pandemic puppies" and seeing all your pets' Quarantine Tricks and more. We're super impressed. Our dogs have learned more. Yeah. They're a bunch of underachievers.

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