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Do You Have...?

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

I love that question. Really, I do --- even when the answer is "no." Because it gives me the opportunity to learn about what matters to you. I know what I like to use with my dogs (my favorite collar and coat brands, what I look for in a leash and in a toy, etc.). I know what my friends look for when they shop for pet products.

But this store is for you. And your pet needs aren't always the same as mine. (Which is a good thing! I mean, really. If we all had high maintenance, prissy dogs with a thousand health issues and a handful of personality issues... OMG what would this world come to?!)

If I can find something that meets your needs and Houndstooth's philosophy --- we're trying to stock local (USA/CAN) products that are eco-friendly, have a philanthropic commitment, or (ideally) all three --- you'll find it in our store as soon as possible.

That's why we now carry Flowfold leashes ("do you have something my dog can't easily chew through?!"), and bandanas from Simply B Vermont and Spot the Dog ("do you have any bandanas?"), and Natural Dog Company Snout Soother and, and, and...

This spring, we'll have placemats for pet bowls, some really cool (in my opinion!) pet water bottles, and more. Still don't see what you're looking for? Ask! It really is that simple.

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