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Face Masks Still Required

I know. I know. Face masks are so annoying. As someone with long hair and glasses — and a mild case of claustrophobia — I'm right there with you. But they effectively minimize transmission of airborne (or droplet) disease. Like COVID.

As Houndstooth is a small business (a micro-business, really, if we're going to get technical about it), if one person gets sick...we have to close our doors. Because Mr. Houndstooth can only work weekends.

So please continue to mask up while shopping at our little store. Cover your nose and mouth at all times with an N95 or a KN95, surgical, or cloth mask. And please stay home if you are unwell (we continue to offer curbside pickup if you need pet supplies).

Let's be kind and respectful of one another as we continue to maneuver our way through this pandemic.

Thank you.

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