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Our Father’s Day Shopping Guide

Are you ready for Father’s Day? I’m not. Thankfully June 20 is still a few weeks away…though these days, time has a mind of its own, doesn’t it? To make your lives a bit easier, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite gift ideas for pet dads. Hope this helps!

  • Tees: The Best Cat Dad Ever tee always makes me laugh. How can it not?! For dog dads who are also Dead Heads, we recommend The Grateful Dane. Already in stock in pet sizes, people sizes are coming soon! (In time for Father’s Day we promise. We think. Ahem.) And then there's the classic "Dog Dad" tee -- can't go wrong there! Unless he's a cat dad...

  • Socks: Who doesn’t love a practical gift? But just because it’s practical doesn’t mean it has to be boring… "Crazy Cat Dude" and "A Boy and His Dog" are some of our favorites -- and we bet the pet dad in your life will agree!

  • Mugs (and coasters): There’s always room in the kitchen for one more mug. Especially when it’s a mug that perfectly captures his relationship with your pet. Or his pet’s personality. Or both!

  • Bow ties: On the surface, this feels like it’s more for the pet than the person. But let’s be honest. Everyone loves a pet in a bow tie, making this gift a win-win! Pet looks cute, person looks exceedingly happy.

And yes, we have a few cards to complete the gift!

Now, what am I going to get my dad...

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