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Happy Birthday, Silly Dilly-do!

Dylan turns 9 today. I don’t usually make a big deal—publicly!—out of my dogs’ birthdays. In part, because several of them only have “theoretical” birthdays, but also because, well, I’m not that big into birthdays. In general. I’m weird that way.

But this is kind of a big deal. Last year sucked for poor Dylan. First, he was diagnosed hypothyroid. Greyhounds tend to have lower thyroid levels, so you should always question when your vet tells you your Grey is “hypothyroid.” In this case, however, Dilly’s barely registered. Like “Does he have a thyroid” levels. So, yeah. Clearly we had a problem. Easy fix (and the meds are inexpensive. Bonus!) Then came his 2 — yes, TWO — heart conditions. A sudden, audible murmur sent us to Peak for further testing with their cardiology team. He’s got a leaky valve and a weakening muscle. Fortunately, both are in early stages, and fortunately the weakening muscle issue has seemed to resolve itself somewhat. However, Vivi had a leaking valve, so we know all too well what an ugly end this can be.

Ah but it won’t be for Dylan. Nope, because his osteosarcoma—diagnosed in September—will probably get him first. Yes, he’s now a tripod thanks to a growing tumor our vet found in his right rear hock. He’s doing well, and he has only one more chemo treatment to go. If we could only figure out what his random shriek-and-run habit is about… (Seriously. We do think it’s related to the amputation, but have no idea how. Got an idea? We’re all ears!)

Then there was that trip to BEVS last month, after which it seemed doubtful we’d make this milestone. And while we still don’t know how on *earth* he bruised his ribs so badly, we do know that it wasn’t caused by anything life-threatening. Like another cancerous tumor. We seem to be in the clear for now, but we’ve been here enough times to know that this hideous disease plays by its own rules.

So. Dylan made it to his 9th birthday, and we hope we have many more birthdays to celebrate. And from here on out, his birthday will be a REALLY BIG DEAL. Because he’s Dylan. “I’m kind of a big deal,” he told us in July 2016. (And, well, every day since TBH.)

Yep, buddy, you are.

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