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Houndstooth's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

We're half-way through Hanukkah and Christmas will be here before you know it. Take a deep breaththere's still plenty of time to get great gifts for the pets in your life (and the people who love their pets).

Here are a few of our favorite things, put together in a fun, semi-themed gift package. There's a lot more in our store; we had to limit ourselves to 3 per category or else the list would have been not very helpful.


  • The Rescue Pet Parent: A comfortable (and fun) long-sleeved tee, a tote bag, and a leash that puts it all out there.

  • The Coffee Lover: Their new favorite mug, a cozy hoodie, and a coaster or kitchen towel (to wipe up spills if their dogs are anything like ours...)

  • The Cat Lover: A fun tote, their new favorite mug, and socks — because who doesn't love socks on the holidays?!


  • The "I Live to Destroy Toys" Dog: Some durable plush or hard toys and a bandana. Because they might as well look cute while they tear up the house, right?!

  • The "I Live for Adventures" Dog: Their new favorite tug or toss toy, a portable water bowl, and a new leash are key ingredients for the perfect outing!

  • The "I'm Hungry...Again" Dog: Wholesome treats and a cute container to store them in should do the trick!

The House-Mouser:

  • The "Let's Keep It Local" Cat: Simply B Vermont makes some of the best cat toys out there. Pick your favorites!

  • The "Foodie" Cat: These fruits and veggies won't go bad! We've got all your (and your cat's) favorites—some with catnip and some without.

  • The "Trendsetter" Cat: A beer flight...not so cat-friendly. A catnip flight, though, is another story entirely! Add a bowtie and your feline friend is ready for a night on the town!

Don't forget, too, that we have gift certificates in any denomination. And lots of magnets, coasters, and socks — am I the only one who loves socks for the holidays?! — which make great stocking stuffers.

Need more ideas? Just ask. Happy holidays!

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