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It's a Brave New (Hopefully Temporary) World

I’m a risk-adverse person who decided to take a risk and realize a dream 10 years in the making. Burlington is such a dog-friendly and tourist friendly town, and it hasn’t had a pet boutique in years. The kind of store I love to visit when I’m on vacation, the kind of store that would stock things I always have to buy online (and hope they fit my hounds because I never remember to return stuff).

A great storefront suddenly became available, and we settled on what sounded like a great opening date (Black Friday). So far, so good. We had a fantastic holiday season, and loved meeting each and everyone of you (and your pets!). “Yes!” I silently cheered. “This can work!”

Predictably, January was slow. February was also slow (as expected), with a few bumps in foot traffic thanks to staggering mid-winter breaks. But then, just as the world would start to awaken again and shrug off the blustering cold...


So, here’s where we stand. Houndstooth was designed to be a brick-and-mortar retail store first with online shopping as a secondary, more limited option. By virtue of the current situation, we're playing a little catch up, so bear with us while we expand our stock and do some reorganizing. That said...

  • Search works! I was very proud of myself for figuring that out the other day. Until I can sort and organize and categorize products on the site, feel free to search “leash” or “collar” or “toy” to avoid the clutter and noise from stuff you don't need today.

  • Selection is limited. Certain brands have requested that we sell their products in-store only. Certain products we only have in limited quantity. And some stuff we simply don’t know how to ship—it’s big or heavy or awkwardly sized. If it’s in the store, you can still buy it. Message us and we will figure it out.

  • Shipping is available—as is curbside pickup. If you’re local and you want to get out of the house, come by and collect your order. We’ll work out a mutually convenient time, then have your purchases bagged and by the door.

Once we’re on the other side of this madness, we fully intend to return to the original plan. A doggie run group. In-store events to promote local pet charities and national/international ones that speak to our heart (and hopefully yours). In-store lectures and trainings to teach you first aid, basic obedience, and photography tips. In-store recordings of the Sit, Stay, Share! podcast. And a whole lot of fun.

Until then: Be smart. Be safe. Be healthy. And take good care of yourselves—and your pets!

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