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It's Time to Celebrate Sierra!

January is Sierra's month. We know she's a January baby...but we don't know exactly which fateful day is her birthday. So, she's demanded that we celebrate her All. Month. Long. And, truly, who's gonna cross a Whookie?! Not me...

She's four now, and she is maturing slightly. My husband would disagree, but I can definitely see a difference between today's Sierra and the one we met nearly 3 years ago. (OMG, has it been that long? We adopted her in February 2018!) She still has a boatload of bad habits, don't get me wrong. And she still runs faster than -- possibly -- any other hound we've ever had. But she's more snuggly now, which I absolutely adore. And she loves to nap like a good little Sighthound.

I thought about bringing her to the shop today, as so many of you have asked to meet the Houndstooth hounds. But then I'd be tempted to play "dress up" and, well, she loathes that game as much as I love it! So, instead, I opted to hang out at home with her (Mr. Houndstooth is at the shop) and shower her with affection, some treats, and a nice walk.

Thinking about Sierra's "origin story" (such as it were) reminded me that a big part of Houndstooth's original plan was to highlight -- and fundraise for -- various pet charities. We still can't do in-store events, but I will schedule another Instagram Live to highlight a few rescue groups and other cool organizations. And we've brought back the Donation Jar. This month, we'll collect loose change and whatever else you can offer for the Sighthound Underground, the adoption group from which we got our little girl.

Have questions about SHUG? Want to nominate another pet charity for an upcoming month? Let us know!

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