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Product Highlight: The Giraffe

As soon as George spotted this odd orange creature, he thought, “Dylan needs this.” And as soon as he walked into the house with it in hand, Dylan thought, “That’s for me!”

I’m not entirely sure how Heidi or Sierra didn’t balk—or claim it as theirs. (Sierra quickly decided, “this is what I will STEAL from Dylan,” but she somehow knows it isn’t actually hers.) I’m guessing the answer is what George keeps telling me: Dylan truly is George’s spirit animal. But that’s a story for another time…

Back to the topic at hand: Dylan loves this toy. Sierra loves this toy. Vesper ignores this toy—then again, Vesper ignores all toys. (If I ever write about Vesper’s favorite toy, either (a) I’m lying or (b) you need to get this toy ASAP because it is clearly the best thing in the world. This little guy is cute, colorful, and eco-friendly. And—unlike the last toy George brought home for Dylan—it does not have an annoying high pitched squeak. (Squeaks are good. Squeaks are better than good! Heidi only plays with fuzzy toys that squeak. But squeaks that could wake the dead are NOT GOOD.)

Not sold on the Giraffe? The Elephant is just as cute, colorful, and eco-friendly. But Dylan is, apparently, a Giraffe kind of guy.

Ah, Dilly…

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