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Product Highlight: The Harbour Slicker and the No-Pull Harness

Updated: May 10, 2020

Okay, so I’m kind of cheating. But I’m equally excited about — and equally in love with — both of these! As longtime fan of 2Hound Designs and Chilly Dogs, these businesses were part of the reason I felt the need to open Houndstooth. It’s just so darn hard to find quality merchandise that truly fits sighthounds. But they check all the right boxes. Their stuff is fun. It’s functional. It’s fashionable. It’s comfortable. And it’s responsibly made.

Of course, our original plan had to shift a bit in the world of COVID-19. It’s limited what we can do in the shop itself. But thankfully, it’s expanded what we can do for you, when it comes to both of these products! Because 2Hound Designs and Chilly Dogs are doing what they can to support little independent retailers like us. Giving us easier access to all the colors and sizes they have in stock. So…we have limited stock in the store. But unlimited stock online! We strongly encourage you to take a look—you won’t regret it.

The Harbour Slicker

This is the perfect spring coat, raincoat, or “keep my dog’s back dry no matter the season” coat. It comes in 7—yes, SEVEN!—different colors and I’ve lost track how many sizes between the “Regular” fit and the “Long and Lean” fit. Not sure which size to get? Ask! We’ll work with you to figure it out. And we’ll work with the manufacturer to figure it out if we’re all still a bit on the fence. (We’ve done this twice before for customers and both times the coats fit perfectly.)

The No-Pull Harness

The top leash hook works like a martingale collar. (When your pup pulls, the harness tightens a tad for a “self-correction.”) The front leash hook gives you additional control, should your dog need it. (Think of it like steering a sled.) And the velvet-lined chest strap is soft and soothing on your pup. It’s a much welcomed—and much needed—“extra touch” that folks with thin-skin and sensitive-skin dogs, like sighthounds!, can really appreciate.

Got questions? Set up a virtual shopping experience to see what else we have in the store, or for a product demonstration.

Stay safe and see you soon!

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