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Product Highlight: The Super Dog Collar

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

When you live in a multiple-dog household, I’ve learned that you need a system to keep everyone’s stuff straight. Which is why we color-code our dogs. Katie was hot pink—her collar, harness, and lead. Ellie was teal, and Dingo purple. (Come wintertime, I opted to dress my matching red brindle Greyhound girls in matching fleece lined corduroy coats. It was just as cute as it was confusing…)

Vishna was red…until we stumbled upon this collar. “Well, there’s red in it” we justified to ourselves. Because we simply couldn’t resist. Vi could do just about anything. She took counter-surfing to a level I’d never even considered. She could open, close, and lock doors. She got through a rabbit-sized hole in our fence to chase the neighbor’s cat…then chased the cat UP A TREE. (Yes, as in there was a cat *and a Whippet* in that freakin’ tree.)

We called her “Evil Whippet,” but her athletic feats (and tenacity) constantly amazed us. If only she would have used her super powers for good…

If you’ve got your own Super Dog at home, you need this collar. (If your Super Dog is a master of disappearing in a cloud of smoke, however, I might steer you toward the Ninja design. Which, for the record, is conveniently in Vishna’s signature color.)

#superdog #whippet #doubletrouble

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