Quarantine Contest

While having breakfast this morning, I watched a video of a woman playing Tic-Tac-Toe with her dog. "This is where quarantine has landed me" she captioned it. And it was a surprisingly civil game! Sarah (the Galgo) waited patiently for her turn rather than eating all of the playing pieces -- aka, treats -- at once.

It got me thinking. I know how we're keeping our dogs entertained (and vice versa) these days. But how are you handling it? How are your dogs handling it? We'd love to know!

So, it's Quarantine Contest Time! Send us a pic or video through email or DM (Facebook or Instagram -- technically, we're on Twitter but I keep forgetting to check it and post things). Contest ends June 30 and we'll announce the winner on July 3.

The entry that makes us laugh the hardest (or impresses us the most) will win a $25 gift certificate to Houndstooth.

Stay safe, and stay sane!

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