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Thank You for a Successful 2 Years!

In 2009, my career was in crisis. The company I was working for had just been sold and "they" were still deciding whether there would be a place for me. I considered my options — and I thought about how annoying it is that no local business sells anything that fits my Greyhounds properly. I had to buy online...or wait for the next Greyhound social event. So I created a concept ("Houndstooth," a place for pets and their people), signed up for an online business course, and wrote a business plan. I got cold feet around the same time my employer did find a role for I shelved the idea.

In 2019, my career was in crisis. The company I was working for had just restructured my department and I no longer enjoyed what I was doing. I considered my options — and thought again about Houndstooth. "It's crazy," I told myself. "I'm a shy introvert with a low tolerance for risk." But it was so annoying that there hadn't been a pet-specific business in the downtown corridor for years. And I still had to buy everything for my dogs online...or wait for the next Sighthound social event. So I dusted off my 10 year old business plan and started looking at spaces.

We officially opened our doors on November 29, 2019. Which means today we mark TWO YEARS as a business. And we want to thank you for your support and feedback and encouragement. Truly. For sharing your stories and excitement and heartbreak. (Because, yes, with love there is always loss.)

While this hasn't exactly been the experience I was expecting (thanks, pandemic!), it's been a joy and delight to work with you and meet your pets and see your pet pics, etc. We're so grateful that you appreciate what we're doing — and that it mirrors so closely your pet care values. I fully realize that not everyone shares my excitement for vet wrap and First Aid kits, but it warms my heart to hear you comment that we sell your dogs' favorite brand of toys. Or that we're the only ones who have coats that will fit your extra long (or wide or barrel-chested) dog. Or you've never seen such fun and unusual cat toys all in one place before. That last comment makes Mr. Houndsooth's day — even more than when people remark, "Cabot makes dog treats?!"

Long story short: Thank you. So much. More than we can express. We're excited to show you what we have planned for Year 3 (once we figure it out, of course...).

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