The Chase Away 5K Goes...Across the USA!

Some of you may know that I'm "the Chase Away 5K person." That is, the person who, nearly 10 years ago, thought it would be a great idea to start a charity fun run to benefit Chase Away K9 Cancer. (Thank Ellie Boo Hound, cancer survivor queen, for the inspiration. That story will come later.)

And it was a great idea. It still is. In 9 years, we've raised tens of thousands of dollars that has already helped fund 4 different canine cancer research grants. This year was supposed to be a big celebration: TEN YEARS RUNNING!

But then... the dreaded "c" word. No, not cancer. We know that one already and folks who know me know I talk about it all the time. The other "c" word. The one that had us all locked down for months, and doesn't let us enter Houndstooth without a mask on.

At the moment, large events are still off-limits. With 250 to 300 participants each year, the Chase Away 5K isn't exactly *large* (as compared to, say, the Vermont City Marathon). But we also don't know what October has in store for us. We do, however, want everyone to stay safe. So, we're planning a two-pronged approach.

  1. A virtual run: The Chase Away 5K Across the USA - that anyone can do. You pick the time/date in October, you pick the route.

  2. A physical run: The 2020 Chase Away 5K - done "run group" style, if we're permitted, that starts and ends at Houndstooth on October 4.

We'll post the registration links as soon as they are ready for "prime time." You're welcome to sign up for either event -- and you can always switch from one event to the other. We'll do our big TEN YEARS RUNNING celebration next year. Hopefully. Cross your fingers!

In the meantime, Chase Away K9 Cancer has to take a different approach to fundraising (thanks, "other C word"). Starting with a Facebook auction that runs until June 28. And yes, there are several items from Houndstooth on the auction block.

Happy bidding!

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