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These are a few of our favorite things...

Truth told, almost everything we stock could easily qualify as a "favorite" in our book. We take a lot time and thoughtful consideration when choosing what to put on our shelves. Is the product ethically made? Is it well made? Does it have the right balance of "practical" and "whimsical"?

We go out of our way to support small businesses, USA and Canadian manufacturers, and companies with a strong sustainability focus. Because those values matter to us, and we know they matter to you as well.

Which means there is a lot of stuff to love in our little shop, in my humble opinion. But each season comes a few new items that almost make us gasp with glee. Starting with these...

Pet Dogs. Shop Local.

We stand firmly behind this message. And we love that it's now in a comfortable unisex tee, made by a woman-owned small business and screen printed in the USA. It's currently in stock (on our shelves and on the website) in 4 sizes.

The "Susie" Reversible Knit

Red on one side, gray buffalo check on the other -- and, as always, sustainably made in Los Angeles, CA. This new release from Long Dog Clothing is one in a long line of reasons why we love this company.

The Wool Petal Basket

Sustainably made from fair trade Himalayan and New Zealand wools, there is so much to love about these Dharma Dog Karma Cat pet baskets we don't even know where to begin. So maybe we just leave it there!

Bow Ties

Who knew we could love a bow tie so much?! We have so many sizes and styles, for both dogs and cats. Some with collars, some without, and all USA made by small businesses. This one (the "Bright Side") just plain makes us happy.

CheckerBarc Pet Carrier

It's chic. It's practical. And it just won the 2021 Conde Fashion Award! More importantly, it's a safe and comfortable way to travel with your pet. Airline approved (for under-the-seat), it boasts both a top and side pet entry -- and front pockets for your other necessities.

"I Came, I Sniffed, I Peed" Tee

Clearly, our bias is showing here. But the hoodie was such a hit that we've added a lighter weight layer to the line! It's in stock now, in a ridiculous number of sizes to fit dogs who weight anywhere between 6 and 106 pounds.

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