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We're turning 1!

When we were getting ready to open Houndstooth, a friend who owns a very successful small business offered this bit of insight: "Your first year will be harder than you ever imagined."

Boy, was she right about that!

So...yeah. It's been a year. Not quite the year we imagined, but we made it. On Black Friday, Houndstooth will celebrate our first birthday. (Well, technically on Sunday, November 29, but let's not get picky!)

And we want to thank you. All of you. Without your support (by which we mean your kind wishes and encouraging words as much as anything else), I don't know what we would have done. The fact that so many of you have told us how grateful you are to have a pet supply store in Burlington. Or that you appreciate our values -- and how they guide the toys and treats and apparel we stock. Or the simple fact that you come back again and again and again, even if it's just to buy a treat from the Barkery or a roll of poop bags. It means more to me, personally, than I could ever express. (And yes, now I'm crying...) Okay, enough of that!

Come celebrate with us! We can't have cake or sparking grape juice (thanks, COVID). But we do have a few giveaways planned for that whole weekend, November 27 - 29. And possibly a return of at least one of the Houndstooth hounds. (Spoiler alert: It'll likely be Heidi, if anyone. She's been crying about that couch, after all. "How is my couch? I miss my couch!")

We'll also update our website in time for holiday shopping (now that it's in writing, I can't back out), and we'll extend our hours.

Stay tuned, and see you soon!

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