We Want Your Feedback!

We say this a lot, and we mean it each time: Thank you. For many years, we felt that the downtown corridor needed a place for people to shop for their pets (and themselves, let's be honest!). And so we opened Houndstooth -- by now you know the story -- two months before a global pandemic would shut down much of society. Nice timing, eh?

Yet here we still stand, thanks to your support. So now we have a favor to ask of you:

Let us know how we're doing.

Seriously. Small businesses like ours depend on the local community. Which means it's really important to us that we meet your needs. And that you feel comfortable recommending our small business to your pet-loving friends and family. Your constructive feedback helps us improve our shop. It's helped us re-prioritize some plans we had originally slated for Year 2 and 3. It's helped us grow in the middle of a global pandemic.

Head on over to Facebook or Google and write a review to let us know how we're doing. Tell us what you appreciate about your experience at Houndstooth and where we might be able to better serve you.

Thank you!

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