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Being Part of Emma's Family

A thousand thoughts filled my head after Ellie’s cancer diagnosis. One of the more practical ones came shortly after we received the estimate for her amputation. Because the diagnosis wasn’t scary enough…now we were staring at a vet bill in the thousands. Fortunately, we found a way to make it work. But not everyone is that lucky. And yet…no one wants to make a literal life-and-death decision based on finances alone.

“Someone should find a way to help people remove at least this level of stress from the equation,” I thought.

In 2010, that idea—for much the same reason—came to Tina Hatin. What she built is something I could only dream of accomplishing. She’s created an amazing network of volunteers who carefully comb through applications to offer at least a little ease for scared, sad pet parents.

Including us. Because, though we found a way to pay for Ellie’s treatment, cancer decided to “bless” us twice more. And while this is a community I never wish we needed, I’m so glad we found it. The support you get, once you become part of “Emma’s Family,” doesn’t stop at a check or two. They check up on you, and your pet. All they ask in return is that you do a little something—and it can be little—to help them, once you’re able. Who can say no to an offer like that?!

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