"I want a jacket made out of this material!" said George as soon as they came in. It *is* impressive, we dare say! This rain-resistant, stretchy, breathable half zip windbreaker has it all...and it's USA made for a smaller carbon footprint.


What size to get?

XS: chest 12"-16" 

XS - long: chest 12"-16"

S: chest 16"-20"

S - long: chest 16"-20"

M: chest 20"-24" 

M - long: chest 20"-24"

L: chest 24"-28" 

L - short: chest 24"-28"

L - long: chest 24"-28" 

XL: chest 28"-34"

XL - short: chest 28"-34"

XXL: 34"-44"

Doggie Fit Half-Zip Jacket (Blue)