No matter if you call it "Glacier National Park" or "Hudson Bay," this pattern is a classic! This coat is reversible and reverses to a quilted faux suede. It features a hook and loop belt for easy on/off. Plus it has a cut out to hook up your leash to your dog’s harness or collar. And...we have the matching leash *and* collar! Woot!


What size to get?

XS: 11" (length) 12-17" (girth) 8-11" (neck) weighing 9-12 pounds

S: 17" (length) 17-22.5" (girth) 11-14" (neck) weighing 15-30 pounds

M: 20" (length) 21-29" (girth) 14-18" (neck) weighing 20-35 pounds

L: 23" (length) 24.5-33" (girth) 18-21.5" (neck) weighing 30-55 pounds

XL: 25" (length) 31-41" (girth) 21-23" (neck) weighing 50-80 pounds

Glacier National Park Coat