(Or the "Sock Monkey Sweater" if you prefer...) These hand-knit sweaters are cozy, cute, and really warm! Made of plant-based inks using fair trade practices, it's sustainable cold winter fashion at its best!


Which size to get?

XXS: Measures 8-9" wide and 5" long for 2-5 pound hound

XS: Measures 12-13" wide and 6" long for 5-10 pound hound

S: Measures 15-17" wide and 8.5" long for 10-18 pound hound

M: Measures 19-21" wide and 10" long for 18-22 pound hound

L: Measures 23-25" wide and 10.5" long for 28-40 pound hound

XL: Measures 27-29" wide and 11" long for 40-60 pound hound

XXL: Measures 30-33" wide and 13" long for 60-80 pound hound

XXXL: Measures 36-38" wide and 14.5" long for 80-120 pound hound

The Boyfriend Sweater